Do you charge candidates?

No, Rekrutify provides a free platform for all candidates for Job search.

What specialization are you looking for?

Right now we are looking for candidates from Information Technology, Engineering, Human Resource, Finance, Sales and Marketing domain with good experience.

What is average time for profile approval?

Once you have submitted your profile, you will get the response within 48 hrs.

When is my profile visible to companies?

After profile approval, your profile is visible to all the registered companies.

For how many days my profile is visible to companies?

Your profile is Active on the platform for 90 days. After that your profile will become Passive. You can Reactivate your profile for another 30 days or buy a Premium Plan.

Can I apply for multiple roles?

Yes, you can.

Can my current employer see my profile?

You can block/ unblock companies from user dashboard.

If I accept an invite request from a company, will my profile remain visible to other companies?

Yes, your profile will be visible on the portal regardless of how many invite request you accept.

If I turn down an invite request and then change my mind, what can I do?

Rekrutify recommends that you don’t turn down any invite request (As every client is selected and verified) unless you are certain. In case of any query related to job responsibilities, salary or company profile you can send a message to the respective recruiter. If it happens accidently you can contact your “Talent Advisor”.

I like a Job and company profile but the salary they offer is too low. What can I do?

If you feel that salary offered is too low, ether you can appeal for reconsideration or accept it. The offers made on the platform are not final. You will still be able to negotiate changes during your conversation with the recruiter.

How long will it take to find a job?

Hiring process is very different in different companies. Still not long, if you are more talented, passionate and fits into the requirements given by the company.

If selected for specific role, will my profile be visible to other companies?

No, once you accepts final offer from a company we will close your profile.

Why should I use Rekrutify? is an AI based online job platform that helps recruiters to find the best available talents. We understand how mentally and physically draining it can be to go through piles and piles of candidates just to have a few diamonds in the rough among thousands of unqualified people. That’s why we maintain curated database on our portal by going through countless profiles and differentiate those worth hiring from those who are not.

The company’s AI capabilities automate repetitive tasks like candidate sourcing and profile screening, short listing and recommend candidates accordingly. At Rekrutify, we believe that AI in recruiting helps to eliminates human bias, improve quality of hires, enhance the candidate experience and increase recruiter efficiency.

What is the cost of using Rekrutify?

Signing up is free for employers. Once your profile is Active, you will get free credits to invite candidates for your open roles. You can also post your jobs for Free.

You can buy additional credits online. You can also sponsor your job as a premium job using these credits.

We also have a dedicated search module where our team works with you to find the best available talents for your open roles. Fees is based on the CTC of the candidate.

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How can I register on Rekrutify?

Employers have to create their profile which will be verified by us, if approved you will hear from us within 48 hours and then you can start seeing candidates.

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Can I create multiple users for my company account?

At present you can create only one account per company.

Once I like the profile how will Rekrutify help me in further process?

You can send an Invite to the candidate via our portal. If he/she accepts, you will be able to see his/her contact information and can set him up for the interview rounds. In case you face any challenge, our dedicated “Talent Advisor” will help you out.